Tuesday, November 17

Middle of November ~ And Lovin' Every Minute

This is just unheard of for this time of year, in NY. It has been so mild weather wise, we have been busy outdoors trying to wrap everything up before "the real winter" reaches our area. Hubby and I have busy on a 3 stall run in shed for the horses, somplace they can hang out besides locked in their stalls on those windy, wet, chilly, and miserable days.

Even the dogs are liking this sunshine; see ~

Marley & baby Dunkin playing with the jolly ball, well; it was a jolly ball for the first 15 minutes after taking it from the trunk of my car and handing it to Marley. These jolly balls are made for horses, they have a big handle on the top of them and "suppose to stay inflated" unless you have a Marley.
Dunkin is nearly (Nov. 20th) 9 months old now, but oh; so much bigger than his mom. I love his lab build; that big blocky head, huge brown eyes, enormous feet (why they're as big as my hands) wide chest, just as cute as can be.

Marley is somewhere around 2 years of age, can you believe we've had her for just a little over a year. She is a good dog, spoiled; but good. Her and Dunkin love to race around the yard, she is way faster than Dunkin (maybe she's part greyhound) and she knows it; my flower beds to too.

Today, I was busy with defrosting the big freezer, my intent was to clear out some space for the deer Hubby got last week. The only thing is; upon putting everything back in, it looks like we may need to purchase another freezer (or bury the deer meat, like they use to do way back when.) I'm also in the process of making more strawberry-kiwi jam, my little family, already ate the 7 jars I put up in August... This time, I made a double batch.

Just as I was finishing up the freezer I walk to the deep sink to empty a pan of water and this is what I saw. A tad bit nervous; I was, as Niles lay there like that, he looks; shall I say, dead ( he is getting up there in age) but still loves to hunt, maybe that's why he's so tired. I woke him up, as I blew in his ear, this is what he did.

I hear canning jars popping, that's such a joyful sound. Hopefully, this batch will last until at least February :)

As the sun starts to set, the hens and their rooster start heading for the coop.

Thanks be to God, for this wonderful day...


Gail said...

Busy one, I need a freezer too. Just put a calf in and now have a deer. We are truly blessed.

scrappy quilter said...

I agree, thanks be to God for the wonderful day and for the wonderful weather we are having for this time of the year. No snow since our first snowfall. Warm and sunny. Gotta love it!!

I so enjoyed your pictures. I would have thought the cat was gone too. Sure looks like it.

Vickie said...

Enjoy your weather while you can. I need to make some of your jam. Hmmm... I need more jars. I know the horses will love their new hanging out place when it's finished. Love Ya Cuz :)

Gudl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today!
Actually, our little moveable hen house is for sale now... in case you want to come and pick it up! We would clean it beforehand!
We are asking 500 Dollars for it.
Just a thought...we live in Canandaigua,NY 14424

Mel said...

Another wonderful day, with a sky full of sunshine. If only our winters would stay this mild from Novemember to April. I love being outdoors, but not when it is cold...

Thanks for stopping in, I enjoy your company, see ya all soon.

Debbi said...

Love the photos! :) And love your blog!
your CA sister-in-law

Picket said...

Morning girl...love visiting your blog....hearing you talk about the farm and the animals and the jars popping ...ohhhh it just brings so many memories of my childhood back and you know I love seeing pics of your chickens! lol

My Burly Boys have really been keeping the meat processor company busy lately with deer and wild hogs! lol You should hear them talk about eating sausage and pork chops everyday! lol lol

If I don't get by here again before the holidays I want to wish you and yours a glorious Thanksgiving Holiday! Take care dear friend! ~Picket~

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Enjoy the pretty weather while it lasts! Love all of the pictures....Niles looks like my Abbey! Have a happy Thanksgiving! blessings,Kathleen

Picket said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours sweet friend!!!!! May it be filled with blessings and love overflowing!!!! ~Picket~

Lea said...

Mel I LOVED your pictures! Ohmygosh... that jam sounds divine!
I can hear the jars pinging! Did they all seal?! I hope so!!!

Your chicken coops is so nice. We need to tears ours down and just rebuild. Our wire is rusted and tears easily and we SEEM TO ALWAYS have a stinker getting inside. This morning I noticed ALL of Percy's tail feathers were in a pile under the tree he roosts in. I found the feathers of our other guinea about 20 acres away, on the other side of our woods. :( I hope this next spring or summer we can do something different with our coop situation.
Love the new add on for your stalls. The horses will be so happy to have a wind break! I'm starting to miss having horses again. After I put my beloved Laredo to sleep,...we bought a couple others but ... they both backfired. One was down right mean, and tried to kick my head off numerous times.The other was so barn sour I could not break her of it. We tried different bits, and a hack, but none could I stop her with. I got tired of the "run aways" in a hurry. Maybe we'll come across another. I dream of a short, chunky quarter mare. She doesn't bite or kick, and I can ride her bareback with a haystring. :)
Sorry this is so long. Just hadn't left a comment in a little while.
Hey' are those yellow hens buff orpingtons? If they're buff rocks you're probly getting lots of eggs this time of year. I'm fixin to start squeezing ours!
Have a great weekend!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I enjoyed this post so much, Mel- I know how it feels to have one of those glorious "Blue-bird" days... you can't help but to want to be outside!!
The horse stall is looking good- I know they will be grateful for that. That is so funny about Niles... he sure looks sacked out! The jelly sounds yummy- I can understand why your family wiped that out- it sounds delicious!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...