Saturday, November 7

Good Mornin' Fella's

With a chill in the air, even the horses were unsure if they wanted to leave their cushy environment.

However cold it may be, hay talks people... They don't mind the cold.

As you can see, we woke up with a dusting of snow, and Brrr only 30*F

Spotted Leaf says, "sometimes it's good to be a bunny..." He has no intentions of braving the elements outdoors.

Here you see the back half of Shenae~ nae so content is she eating her mash, with Mr. Roo standing guard. Shenae~nae has decided she is going to molt, you see all those black specks over the hay, those my friends are her feathers. With winter approaching, perhaps, I should collect them to glue back on (in the event it dips into the negative numbers) to this thin feathered chicken.
Things are alittle fuzzy inside the chicken coop this morning. Due to the cold, I propped a plastic lid over the chicken door, this morning when I removed it, I noticed little chards of plastics all around it. We have a rat, it has taken up residence under the coop. Hmmm wonder if this has anything to do with the decline in eggs. We just figured it was because of the colder weather. Now, what to do about getting the rodent out of there (without any harm to the chickens, or the cats) any ideas?


Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Ok, I've seen it now I don't have to see anymore this winter. lol I told mom you got a dusting and she said... she needs to keep it up there. See she loves Ya! lol I love the animal pictures. OH Oh oh when Peggy took the kids to the farm for the pumpkin patch and hay ride Emily saw some baby goats there and had a fit because she couldn't bring one home. I told her when she talks mommy into it she needs to bring 3 home so she could give Aunt Vickie 2 of them. I guess I won't hold by breath for that to happen. Love Ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

HI Vic,
One of the ladies that took a puppy from us, called me just last week and wanted to give me a goat. I know nothing about goats... And frankly need to do some work with Dunkin before I add anymore critters to our family.

The snow is all gone now, it was nearly 60*F at about 4:00 this afternoon, and the same for tomorrow.

In my little world it was about 76*F (in front of a blazing fire, snug in my livingroom.) LOL

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I think I have a rat getting my eggs also. I am thinking of putting a rubber snake inside of the henhouse...maybe that might work? Good luck. blessings,Kathleen

QuiltedSimple said...

very pretty barn! Our horses have yet to want to come in from being out all summer. One of these days they will cave in:) No ideas on the rat other than a cat or rat poison...

Debbi said...

Love all the animals! (not so much the cold temps)! xoxo