Thursday, March 5

Sleep Deprivation

How ironic, that a dog who started out being afraid of mankind now requires your company inside the box or sitting on the floor outside the box. Marley, has to be reminded to feed her puppies every 3 to 4 hours during the daylight hours, at night she can get away with every 5 hours (which allows me getting up only once) coming to my side of the bed, she sniffs me until I'm awake and up.

I have to be suffering from sleep deprivation, I had mentioned to hubby this morning that I was thinking of keeping one of the male pups. As though, we don't have enough pets here on our hobby farm. These thoughts can come from the lack of sleep, can't they?

I have done alot of reading about retrievers and how they are all around great family members. These dogs are very brilliant, easy to teach, and eager to please their masters ( as we have figured out with Marley) they will carry your shoes to you, rather you need them or not, well, at least one shoe... They prefer to be right at your side at all times (can be a near death experience) while preparing meals in your kitchen; carrying hot steaming pans to your sink, only to back up and trip over the dog laying at your feet. Marley is unhappy if we go to the barn without her, to be absolutely sure, she is not left behind, she is to your left side (wagging that tail) showing you she is pleased with your decision of letting her tag along. Many times, she is so close that while I'm getting my barn clothes on, I will bump into her trying to place my leg into my coveralls.

As a matter of fact, Marley is pacing the floors waiting to go out to the barn, she has chosen the right place!


scrappy quilter said...

I'm hoping you can soon get a good nights sleep. It must be like having eight babies at your home. However, they must be getting even cuter than they were.

Farm Chick Paula said...

It sounds like Marley has pretty much taken over!! LOL
I remember when she first came into your life- who would have ever dreamed she would be like she is now!
You better take care and get some rest, sweetie!