Thursday, February 26

Welcome To Puppyland ~ Eight Is Enough

It has been a week since Marley has had her puppies. She is getting better with feedings and the puppies are starting to show it, they are all starting to look like little hairy piglets. It is so cute watching them crawl around and cuter yet, is them wagging their little tails. Do you ever wonder, what these guys could actually be dreaming about at only a week old, while they are sleeping you can tell they are dreaming as their little ears are flapping in all directions, they whimper and sometimes will jerk, just as we humans do when we fall off to sleep.

Here's all eight of them, It is unreal how strong these little buggers are, at feeding time they all scramble over to mommy yipping, and trying out their new voices. A few of them take it even further and scream rather then whimper or whine. Wonder, how they know when mom is in the box if they are blind and deaf for the first 2 weeks, they must be able to smell her as it is apparent that they do know.
As we prepare these little cutties for the future, today, I had a brain storm and thought about maybe donating them to the Guide Dog Association to assist blind folks. Or even, a Search and Rescue Organization, we would like nothing more than to know these highly intellegent animals were going to wonderful homes. They are retreiver mixes, and if I can, I'll try to get a picture of the father who is also a retreiver mix. He is golden in color just like Marley but has longer hair and markings of white.
Perhaps one of you would be interested in having a K-9 friend around your home...


scrappy quilter said...

They also have a program for dogs and autistic children. Here is one link

If you do a google search for dogs for autistic children, you'll find a number of articles.

Your pups are just the cutest and I bet they could be used for a number of different disabilities. Can't wait to see what becomes of those sweet things.

Mel said...

Thank you Scrappy, I have gone to their website & will be contacting these folks to find out more info. That would be wonderful for both those who are in need and the dog/s...


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket and Yesteryear Embroideries said...

They are so precious. I wish we lived close, I would take a couple home! So sweet. blessings,Kathleen

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh my Goodness!Aren't they adorable!

That reminds me that we need to get our newly adopted dog spayed.....LOL

I bet you are enjoying those sweet puppies!

Vickie said...

Oh My Gosh Mel they are so cute! Just looking at them I want to snuggle up with them.

Old Man Winter came to see us again this time he left enough snow to play in.

Love Ya Cuz :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh how sweet....
I love puppy breath...*sigh*

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Im oooohing and ahhhhing over these beautiful babies! I would LOVE one, but... already have three pembroke welsh corgi's.

A few years ago, someone dumped a dog off out here. (It happens all the time) But this one was a pitbull cross. The week after we start seeing her on our place, she had 8 puppies inside my potting shed. INSIDE THE POTTING SHED! MY HEART WENT PITTERPATTER!

We kept the Momma and named her Gracie. The vet said she was a pitbull/bluetick cross. She is thee sweetest dog in the world. We had her spayed and when our son got married and bought his own house across, she went with him.

I couldn't imagine life without many furry friends can you?
Thanks for sharing your photos! I LOVE EM ALL!