Wednesday, December 17

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Your Leaves Are Green Forever

There she is all decorated and waiting for all to see... Just kidding. This is in the entryway it is a few birch branches my honey brought in for me about a month ago. I could not just toss them in the firepit, so thought I'd put this together.

This is by far the most perfect pick of a tree, "ever" she is short yet perfectly round, just my size. (I'm short, but a skinny minnie so I'm told) This made it easy for me to decorate, all I needed was a chair to reach around the top branches to place the white lights on. I also placed homemade bows and candy canes all around her. I found a true bargain at Michael's on ornaments a huge box regular $9.99 on sale (get this) $4.99 what a deal!
Came with icicles, snowflakes, bulbs, etc. in frosted red, silver, and clear, how cool is that!

Wanna see some more Christmas decor? Okay, shoes off at the door please~

Vickie, remember these skates? Yeap, these are old, the ones I used to skate on Grandpa's pond. They still look new, as I have not been in them for nearly 30 years. (now, I'm really showing my age aren't I) Every year these skates go on this beam in the livingroom as you see them now. The bow sometimes changes according to the theme that Christmas.

Here comes Santa Clause, doesn't he look right at home within the cubby on the fireplace? Usually, he goes as a topper on the tree, however, this year he was to heavy and looked as if he was skiing down the slopes. The top of the tree is just one little branch, not sturdy enough for old Santa this year...

This is one of our grandsons. He's spending the night with us, helping me figure out this ringy thingy that attatches somehow to the bottom of this tree. I love this little guy, he loves to help his Grammy. He had it together and snapped onto the bottom in no time. This is going on the balcony with the reindeer that matches.

This is my love, my love of nearly 27 years, I love you Honey Bunny! I made a double batch of sugar cookies and divided it between the three of us so we'd all get to pick and choose which cookie cutters to use. ( I found a cool cookie cutter for my sweetie) He's a retired pilot of helicoptors, I found a helicoptor cookie cutter at a new store in town. He used it last night, wonder what color he'll frost it with.

Cookie decorating night tonight, post tomorrow, hope to see you all over here, must be present to receive a cookie.


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

First of all...where did you find a helicopter cookie cutter?? That is so neat. I just love all of the pictures. Everything looks cheery and festive. Also, Mel, remember I had given you a recipe for tonic for your roses? Well, this might be a little more simple and better. Epsom salt and coffe grounds,(after the coffee has been brewed) is supposed to give your plants a good lift. Just a teaspoon full every now and then.Have a wonderful day, blessings, Kathleen

Gail said...

I love your tree!
What a lot of people have been doing outside is using a small decidous tree, painting it white and covering it with lights. They look good day or night.
Happy Icing!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I remember those skates and the parties on the pond. OMG you remember one of the Owlette boys that rode the snowmobile out arcoss the pond. Oh Oh Oh how about that long trek up the hill to sled down it over and over and over again. Drinking hot chocolate by the bon fire to get warm. HOLY COW that seems like forever ago.

Love the decorations! Stop by I posted pictures of dad and the kids up. Love Ya :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Everything looks wonderful, Mel!!
I'll bet your Hubby makes some wonderful cookies- please save me some!!