Tuesday, December 16

Dirt Roads, Snow Drifts and Our Annual Trip To The Christmas Tree Farm

Our Family usually waits until mid December to make the trip to our local Christmas tree farms. This last Sunday, after mass, the weather was great with temps nearly 50*F (perfect) with a calm warm breeze Hubby said; "let's go home get changed real quick and go get our tree." That's exactly what we did!

Just Look at all these Trees! How beautiful is this, the sun peeking through the clouds, tree tips covered in snow, and drifts as tall as us...

In the past, we would carry along our handy bow saw, walk for hours through thousands of trees ( gotta be perfectly round, just the right height, no bare spots, etc. etc.) to find the one that would fit us best. This year, I suggested taking the sled, and hubby suggested the chain saw (remember the hunting plans) we actually broke our own record, getting in finding the most beautifullest, wonderfullest, perfectest, well you know; Christmas tree to bring home, all in under an hour.

There was approx. 3 feet of snow in which the trees were buried, here you see my manly man hubby digging the lower branches out and a tunnel so that he can get down in the crevice with the chain saw. Wow, what a lot of work, but oh o worth every bit of trouble!

He is so proud that he thought to bring the chainsaw, this tree was down in no time at all.

Doesn't he look a wee bit sleepy? Poor man, I have dragged him out in the middle of no mans land, had him track thru 3 foot of snow, dig out a (very short and fat) Christmas tree, cut it down with his chainsaw, sit and take photo's with me for our blog, he is just way over worked, guess this hunting thing will have to wait! NOT

The best organic snow cones ever! (just hope nothing has been out here to empty it's bladder lately)

Look out folks here she comes!

Job well done, lets head home for some hot chocolate....

Can hardly wait until next Christmas...


Gail said...

Wonderful story! Beautiful BIG tree. Daddy always told us, we may not have lots under it but we can have a big tree...and we always did!

Family traditions are wonderful. I still remember every Christmas tree hunt we've had.

Show some pics when you have it decorated.

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I love the tree farm I wish we had one close to us. I'm not showing Colin these pictures he already wants to move near you as it is and if he sees all that snow he will be begging once again. Great Tree! Take Care :)

Picket said...

Morning girl....beautiful tree!!! I can't wait to see it all lighted up! What great memories you are making for your family...I have never been to a tree farm in my life...I know...I know...deprived! lol Years ago we just went out in the woods and found us a Charlie Brown tree! lol One little ornament would make the branch hang down to the floor! lol lol So we just put on lights and lots of shiny tinsel and it was beautiful to us! We have been using artificial trees now for years...hey...no 'booing' in blogland! lol lol But I love to see a real tree all decorated up in her glory! Hurry up & get that tree plugged up! Have a great week sweetie!

Mel said...

HI guys,
First, let me say I'm not sure what went horribly wrong on my post where you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a comment, but I'm thrilled you all figured it out.

Second, I'm glad you all enjoyed the Tree farm trip. The tree is up and mostly decorated, got busy with the old fashioned Christmas cookies last night. Tonight we plan to frost all of them, yes, yes, pictures to follow... So stop in and check, I'll have hot chocolate and cookies for all. (I know Vickie wants hot chocolate, she forever reminds me it's to cold here for hr to handle.)that's okay Colin just have mommy send winter clothes with you and we'll show you just how much fun it is to get a real tree.

Picket, I was thinking of starting another blog called WWPD (What Would Picket Do?) this inspiration if you will comes after reading your post I'm a copy cat. lol
Keep the humor rollin in!!!

Later my friends, you all stay warm and try to keep your hands out of the cookie jar.