Sunday, November 30

Snow Storm on Thanksgiving 2008

How picturesque is this? As we drove the countryside, on our way to our oldest daughters yesterday, this is what we saw. It was a beautiful, very bright and sunny day, the glow of the sun peaking through the tree branches appears as a glass covering on every limb. Absolute beauty from our father, son and holy spirit!
The snow started to fall overnight Wednesday, by morning we had about 16 inches of very wet; very heavy snow. The wind blew just enough to cause us to lose power a few times during the night. Thank heavens, it came right back on. Prepared for yet another foot or two hubby & I decided better take precautions and fill our whirlpool tub with emergency water ( when the power is out, the well pump is out) in case we need to take bird baths, boil it for drinking/cooking. Luckily, we received another 4 - 6 inches and then it moved south of us. It did cause some trouble in town where the weight of the heavy snow brought huge limbs down on power lines and snapped the power poles in half, meaning some folks did go without power for a good part of the day.
Wouldn't you know it, the first "humungus" snow fall and our John Deere refuses to work properly. We went all day Thursday & half the day Friday snowed in, then hubby had a brain storm and decided he'd clear the driveway the red-neck way. LOL ( if there's a will, there's a way) He got into the jeep put it in 4 wheel drive and plowed his way around our circular driveway about 4 times, that allowed us to get out to the JD dealer and buy some parts to get the blower back out there to do the clearing. Amazing what winter weight oil and a new spark plug will do!!! hehe
Last night, I volunteered to keep our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter over night. Wow, what an enormous amount of energy these little people have. We started watching Peter Pan at 8:00P though it would calm her down and get her to fall asleep, at 9:20 we put Lady & The Tramp on and it took until 10:30P for her to quit fighting sleep and dose off . Of course, she woke up during the night crying and who gets up to go comfort her. "Me", she wouldn't let me leave so I had to grab my blankie off the bed and go snuggle up next to her. Bright and early 7 A she sits up in bed and said "Get up Grammy, I want to get up." I'm usually up around 6:30am but as I said; I am not used to a 2 1/2 year old with that much pep running around. I think, I'll go to bed early tonight... Someone has to do the chores since hubby will be at work and kid at school.
Good night my friends


Berte said...

Oh my goodness, your picture of the snow and ice is like a postcard picture. Something we don't see much of here in Texas. What a beautiful sight!
And aren't grandkids wonderful? I love my time with them but this grandma likes her quiet time too.
RiverBend Farm

Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful picture, Mel!! It goes so weel with your new blog look, I thought it was part of the "decor"!

I always heard children keep you young- are you saying that hanging around a 2 year old doesn't make you feel like one? LOL

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, The picture is beautiful! With that said I would rather look at the picture than look at it out my window. You know I'm a southern gal!

Come on grammy you really do need more kid time. lol You should be here when I do kid weekends. I have Brendon and Kaylee (Jessie's) at least once a month and there are times when I also have Tyler and Emily (Peggy's). Their ages are 2, 4, 4, and 7. And then add Colin in there who is 7. Not sure which set of kids are worse all those little rugrats or the two teens and the teen friends.

I'm headed for bed. Nighty Nite :)

Mel said...

Hello my friends, thanks for all the sweet comments on my blogs scenery.

Paula, I didn't feel so young after having my 2 year old granddaughter overnight. Come to find out, she was coming down with the flu, perhaps that is why she was cranky and a hand full.
She is a cutie!

My husband scared me this morning, when he said; "honey, did you hear on the news about the lake effect snow storm coming? I replied; "no why, we are suppose to get 36 inches. I said; "WHAT" that's 3 feet of snow, we'll not even be able to see our neighbors house. Are you sure it was us, our area, "yes". I later listened to hear for myself, hubby, I owe ya one! It said; 3 to 6 inches tonight and another 4-8 inches possible tomorrow.

Just gotta love 'em!

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures! More snow than I want.