Wednesday, November 12

New stall doors

Let the fun begin, the wood is stacked, as you can see Spunky, the rabbit thinks it's some sort of play ground for bunnies.

Here we have Scout himself in his stall before construction got under way. He has no idea that his days of escaping into the pastures on his own are over. Poor sweetie! I love this horse, he was born to us in June of 1997, I have raised him up, did all the ground work, loading into horse trailers ( when he was 9 months old) which paid off big time. While at Fort Irwin (where he was born) we had a stables on base. A stablemate came in with a couple of mustangs, one of which had strangles. Scout, he was a little beaner then, (younger and older horses are more prone to catching these sorts of things) was turned out into a paddock and the owner of the sick horse kept putting his horse in the same paddock as Scout. I ended up having to trailer Scout to Apple Valley, Ca. (which was a 2 hour drive each way) to our local Veterinarian for treatment. I have to give him shot of Pennicillin 2 x a day for 10 days. All in all, I was so glad that I had spent the time to teach him to trailer.

Psst, see the man who's building those stall doors, I love him too! That's my ( honey, I'd like stall doors, he does garden fences, even chicken coops) hubby. It's a little dusty out here with the sawing of the boards, you'll need a dust mask, if ya wanna watch .

We're getting closer to being done.

There, we are ready to hang the door, look, there's he is, just don't look at the stall walls in the background. This is where the horses like to scratch besides on the devider walls, and the doors. I'm hoping to get out and varnish the new doors, (come early summer) all the hardware will be painted a forest green, and name plates will be made (by me) for each horses new door. We can now hang all the halters on the front walls, and not have to be concerned about the horses chewing at them.

It is difficult, when you have a farm, as many of you know, to complete all the things on your list before cold weather hits. There are many projects that still need to be tended to, as well as our little house in the city, that we are trying to complete; either for a rental, or for sale. I have to go to Wally~Mart later for paint; so I can finish the back bedroom there. Still quite a few little projects there. For me I was hoping to have it done and over with, I didn't want to fork out utility bills for an empty house (2nd year) in a row. With the economy slipping farther and farther into the black, I'd like to at least rent it for 4 months or so until it warms up enough to go back to work on it, however, with all the time and money we have spent so far, if we got tenants that trashed it we really wouldn't be any farther ahead.

That's it for today folks, ya all come back now, ya hear!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Your Hubby did a wonderful job on those doors, Mel!
Scout is beautiful.

Mel said...

Farm Chick, How are ya? Thanks, hubby will be pleased, he'd ask me to put this on my blog. He did do a great job, Scout didn't even test the new door. When I went to let them all out this morning Scout was standing quietly in his stall.

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Tell Chuck he did a great job! Hmmm...maybe I need to borrow him. lol Hey don't you be let'n Colin's bunny play around the wood and get a splinter he should be playing on pillows. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)

PS...stop by and see what I have finished.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Great work on the doors! I know what you mean about the economy and things needing to be done. Right when we get one thing accomplished, something else needs our $$ and attention. Your bunny is so cute. Blessings, Kathleen

Mel said...

Good to see you all again, over here at the farm. We still have 2 more stall doors to build, but the weather has turned much colder. It has been spitting snow all day and the wind is whipping, our daytime high was 33 degrees. Brrr! Time for me to start hibernation...