Monday, November 3

It's someone's Birthday

To all of you who have blogged with Vicky, at Full House, don't tell her I told you, but today is her birthday! Stop on over, and say happy birthday!
I promised, my dearest cousin "Vick" I'd participate in Frugal Challenges in which she discovered over at Hillybilly Housewife home blog.

Frugal Challenge list

Bean dish ~ Saturday night we had chicken quesadillas with refried beans, Yummy!

Ditch the dryer~ I'd love to, however, hubby refuses to put up a clothes line, I sometimes, hang clothes on hangers off the boiler pipes. (I know tacky, isn't it?)

Pack your Lunch~ Our granddaughter whom lives with us, does pack a school lunch nearly everyday. Since, I am a SAHG (stay at home grammy) I rarely eat lunch away from home.

Shop only once this week~ I'll give it my best, cannot promise this one.

No eating out or take out~ Does this just mean on Mondays, I may be able to stand true on this for a week, but I do require some off time.

Skip soft drinks~ We rarely buy soda, but I did purchase a six pack last visit to the commissary

A pennyless date~ Heck, I never have penny period, let alone while on a date.

Use less gas~ I'll have o let this one wear off on it's own since we just had refried beans and I made a batch of pumpkin cookies. Oh, you mean, gas in the car, I have cut down on driving, usually stay home during the week and do town trips on weekends with hubby and granddaughter.

Homemade shampoo and Conditioner~ Come on now, I can give up a lot of things, but, not Head and Shoulders (pink bottle) it smells great, and it's not for dandruff, like I originally thought...

Start Christmas gift fund~ After paying school taxes, and fuel for the winter, I better get creative.

Make your own bread~ I have a bread machine, and yes, it has been a great investment, I love making bread.

Meal Planning~ I plan ahead, about an hour ahead of supper, I'll tell you what we are having.

If you'd like to take the challenge stop over at the Hillybilly Housewife blog for more information. Look forward to seeing how well you can hold up to a good challenge.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey Mel!!! Refried beans, huh? I was finally feeling well enough last night to eat some myself, and boy did I pay for it today!!! Jeez- good thing Hubby's been at work all day! LOL

Vickie said...

Hmmmmmmm... I wonder who just told? Who could have told it was my birthday? Hmmmmmm??? But ya know it's not all that bad since I am only 23 just ask any of my kids and they will tell you. Well, that's what they had better say! lol Colin told his whole class last year that his mommy was 23 but his daddy was really old. And the best part was daddy was sitting there when he said it. Love it!!!

I did it! No take out for a week instead of going out Friday night we had a quick leftover night and then on Saturday we made homemade pizza. I can't promise how often I can do a no take out week because I normally only get one of those a week and enjoy not cooking once a week. But making homemade pizza was fun and GOOD. I do plan on doing it again maybe every other week.

I finally after two days was able to make out my meal plan for the week. Made out my grocery list and went to the store got everything on it. Ok, well, ummm, yep you guessed it I haven't made a meal that was planned yet! I still need more work on that one. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)