Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween 2008

Trick-Or-Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good to Eat!
These are two pumpkins my granddaughter put together from a kit, as you can tell, the one on the left is my hubby and the one to the right is (suppose to be me) except, I have peirced ears, Da!

Tonight we will be taking our granddaughter out to gather candy, I was thinking if I sent her with a pillow case like we used to collect candy in, maybe she could get enough for all of us, he he...

Looking at those pumpkins, hey, how many of you are old, opps, (young enough, no really; I meant to say young the first time)at any rate, to remember the wax lips you used to get and chew on for days? What were some of the other things we received back in the late 70's for candy on Halloween? How many of you had the opportunity to help yourself to a piece of candy (in a bowl ) just inside the door, come on now, did they really think you'd take just one? God forgive me for I have commited sins. I was a child then, isn't there a verse that says; Forgive me Lord, for I know not what I do'd?

And remember, many of your local hospitals will x-ray the candy for free to be sure that it is safe for eating.

Happy Halloween my friends, stay safe!


Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, Tell Autumn she did a great job on those pumpkins I knew immediately that it was you and Chuck. lol

We had a good time tonight but we had an extra one with us for trick or treat. I'll get it posted after the weekend is over with so you can read all about our unexpected visitor that showed up for the weekend.

I remember those red wax lips! Let me tell you I didn't chew on them they were nasty!!!!

Love Ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

Come on Vic, they were cherry flavored!
Autumn ended up going out with Mom and brothers, so Chuck & I took the opportunity to go out to Texas Road House for dinner. The wait staff were all decked out in costumes, It was great! We saw Michel Jackson, (a girl)Weird Al Yankovich, Velma, from Scooby Do, a Monk, and our waitress was a cute butterfly with glitter painted butterflies on her face. It was really nice t have a special treat just hubby & myself. We all returned back home, and were excited to look through the candy Autumn collected. She is certainly the nicest kid we know, she has offered us a taste...

Patty H. said...

Hi, thanks for stoppign by my blog. It is unusual for us to get an accumulation of snow this time of yr.
Teh pumpkins are cute.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I don't know why, but I remember getting wax lips for Halloween one year... do you remember those, Mel?
(Chewy flavored WAX? What was the purpose in that, anyway? LOL)

Mel said...

Farm chick, I wonder if a parent didn't invent those wax lips! Just think how talkative kids are, if you chewed it long enough, the hinges on your jaws were so over worked you couldn't talk for a while... Hmm