Thursday, November 20

Dry Grapevines Leads To Old crochet Hooks & Dish Clothes

My trip to the back 40 last week for grapevines has a sad ending. Our winter has arrived about a month early this year, therefore, the vines were way to dry to work with. My cousin Vicky over at Full House has been crocheting her fingers to the bones, that had me thinking, maybe; I should get my old crochet hooks out and get busy. Found my hooks (in my sewing box) went to Wally~ Mart and found some cotton string and in about 3 and a half hours whal-a.... after about 45 minutes, this is what it looked like.

I was so caught up in my crocheting, I couldn't put it down. I went back and forth from the kitchen to the livingroom as dinner was baking, to return to my comfy chair and my crocheting. Not bad work, I have not handled a crochet hook in over 20 years, therefore, I have to give myself a pat on the back, my dish cloth turned out perfect...
My kitchen decor is roosters (go figure) and these colors matched it beautifully. I had to try it out on the counters immediately after finishing. Hubby even commented on it this morning; "That really is a nice dish cloth, I like it" wow, he likes it! I offered to teach him how to make one, but he kinda chuckled, saying; "no that's fine honey" even after I assured him, men do crochet. Huh, ain't no way at least not yet, it may rub off on him, eventually...
This here folks is one of our 3 cats, Tiny who just loves to hang out on my bed. After finishing my dish cloth, I came upstairs Tiny started purring away and rolling from my side of the bed to the other, in hopes that I would reach out and pet his soft fur coat. Isn't he cute? He found us about this time last year, this is the one that was dropped off at a local restaurant, and left in the biting cold air to fend for himself in the city, no less. He rode in the car (2o plus miles) as calm as a cucumber, rubbing all over us with a continuos purring taking place. He is a wonderful addition to our little farm.

Then there's Miss Noisy~ this cat was dropped off (with a sister) and believe it or not, came with a crate and a bag of food (a starter kit). Who ever dropped her and her sister off made it look as if they had fallen off or out of the vehicle "except" the crate was sitting level on the ground, with a bowl of food (not a morsel spilled) inside the crate. Our granddaughter on her ride home from school spotted the 2 kittens and asked if we could go find them. Of course me, At first I said; No we have enough animals they'll find a nice home. Well, as the night drew closer, I started thinking about those kittens (wouldn't stand a chance with the groups of coyotes we hear howling every evening at dusk and into the night) poor things, must be scared to death. Sure enough, we found the 2 kittens huddled under a bush in the tall grass next to the road. Gathered the kittens, food and crate and headed home, placing them in the storage room for the time being. It ended up, our granddaugher had taken to this one and the other one we gave to our farrier. Miss Noisy, is evil; see her eyes (just kidding) she is a flighty cat that is freightened of her own shadow (I kid you not) she flips out often and scurries around as if something is after her. She also, will dart in front of you (nearly knocking you off your feet) we comment a lot on how "one of these days George" she's going to kill one of us when she darts out in front of us on the stairs. Oh yeah, and another of her habits is, ( weird one) licking you, she likes to lick, never have I ever, had a cat wanna lick you as she does, just strange! None the less, we love her too (all 18 pounds of her).
Ok, this is Niles, he is a beautiful gray color (almost a bluish) he follows us everywhere. On this particular day, we were out walking the back of the property and he just so happened to follow us way out back. Niles came from our old neighborhood (an old barn full of feral cats) he was found in a trash can with the rest of the litter. We became close friends of the people who lived across the street (an elderly man, and his daughter) when our youngest daughter spotted this kitty, she begged and begged for us to let her keep him, we gave in. Niles is now 11 years old, he is an avid hunter, catches things (I do not approve of) because in my eyes they are just as cute and cuddly looking as our pets, however, I cannot keep him from doing so. Niles is housebroke, he will "not" use a litter box, must go outdoors to do his business. He lets us know when he needs to go, he starts with a nice soft meow, If we do not hear him (usually about 2:30 AM) his soft meow turns into a scream of sorts, if for some reason, this doesn't catch our attention, he screams and "claws" at the carpets until you get up and let him out.
Sorry, I didn't feel right about drawing your attention to Tiny, and not the other felines of the household.
This was suppose to be a post on crocheting, but I am a multitasker, and often start projects and end up finding 3 or 4 other things in between that need to be done.
That just about wraps it up for today here on the farm, hope you'll all come again to see what's new, you just never know!


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

My mom crochets those very same dish cloths for me and I just love them. I use them more than the ones I got at the store. She also makes matching hot pads for my hot serving dishes. I love how their big size and rectangular shape works so well for casserole dishes.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wonderful job on the dishcloth, Mel- now show us (ME) that rooster decor in your kitchen!! LOL

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, You did a GREAT JOB!!! I love the colors! I have another afghan almost finished probably by tomorrow evening. Then I'm going to start another. This one is for Colin and the next is going to be for Dale. Hopefully I will have time to get one made for Jene` also before the big day comes in only a month.

The cats are adorable!!! We have had to let Pumpkin in at night it's been tooooooo cold for him to stay out. He loves that he is in bed with me. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)

This Country Girl said...

Hi there Mel!

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my blog! I'm so glad you did...and thanks for your sweet comments!

Cats are all so different... aren't they? We have two...Bambi and Matty...and they each have their very own distinct personality and I love them both! :) Your kitties are cute...all of them!

Crocheting is something I haven't done since I've had kids...I think I should get it out sometime and do again...I really enjoyed it when I did. Your dishcloth turned out nice!


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hurray for you digging out your crochet hooks! Very pretty results! Love your kitty cats. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! blessings, Kathleen

Mel said...

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my kitties, and my crocheting :) I do love my dish cloth, it is so heavy compared to the store bought ones, really holds the soap in it for long time. I have quite a bit to post today, so stop in, have a seat, coffee is on.

John said...

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