Wednesday, March 19

Wet, Cold & Windy

Okay, we are all starting to get barn fever as the snow just keeps coming. We are starting off this morning with snow, which is suppose to turn into rain, then back to snow overnight. Went to Wally~Mart yesterday and bought more seeds for the garden such as ; tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, cilantro etc. I'm ready to plant already! Like, Easter is Sunday~ the kids will never find the eggs in all this snow! Spring has to be peeking around the corner; I have a few things to plant in pots prior to placing them in the garden so, I guess I'll do that. "Wish" I had a green house, wouldn't that be wonderful up here? I could pretend it was summer all year long if only I could have fresh spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, chives and so much more... Proof reading this add a bottle of dressing, a bowl and salad fork! I love salad, can ya tell?

Had our vet out to innoculate the horses, one of which had to have her teeth floated. For all you that are unfamiliar with floating horses teeth ( filing) it does not require any liquid! They have teeth that continue to grow, their teeth develop sharp edges that require filing or the horse may have difficulties chewing, therefore, leading to weight lose. As a horse gets older the teeth become more brittle and chip easily this require floating twice a year. At any rate, our Arabian mare (15 years old) we think; needed this procedure done. Poor thing, just standing holding her in the stall for the vet to run the rasp up and down on her teeth makes you think if you had to have that done to you "what a headache" you'd have. April (arab) is eating better now; hopefully, she will gain a few pounds she is petite to begin with, and doesn't favor winter much. The other two horses walked away with just a few pokes, now we are ready to ride and legal to travel. Otter Creek here we come!

Sorry folks, I tried to download a video with this post, however, got an error and was unable to complete the video for publishing. :(


Vickie said...

OH MY GOSH more SNOW! I'll wish you some warmer weather it was 60 here when I got up this morning. Okay, I think we had one day last week that was near 60 also it's been around 40. It's to start raining sometime today they say it maybe as bad as last week.

I better get moving and get a few things done. I had a crochet class yesterday and didn't get a thing done last night other than crochet. lol


BittersweetPunkin said...

I'll trade you some rain for some of your snow!! I would settle for ANYTHING other than rain right now...I don't have enough property for a garden or a greenhouse but they sound lovely...when we lived in CO we had an indoor egg hunt because there was so much snow.