Monday, March 3

We needed that sun

What a beautiful day we had today, gave me spring fever. I actually got the cleaning bug and decided it 's that time of year to take the curtains down and wash them. The farrier (horse shoer) was sceduled for today, couldn't have sceduled that for a better day. It was not bad having to stand in the barn for a few hours to get the three horses trimmed up and ready to ride. News is calling for some more winter weather for the next couple of days so just enough time to let the horses settle into their new feet. We actually hired a new farrier ours went south for the winter, and wants to retire. The new guy is younger, but Chuck & I really liked his demeaner. The horses seeemed rather relaxed with him as well, which helps! I will send a few photos of our horses for all to see. Well, there's 2 out of the three they are fairly plump as they have had an easy winter of hardly any riding.


Mel said...

This is the Mister, Mel is awsome at this Blogging thing which I have absolutely no clue about! I'm totally impressed with her comments. Her writing is more like a conversation than a written paragraph. Anyway I'm totally impressed.

Daiquiri said...

Just wanted to drop in and say 'hi'. It's sure fun to get a little peek into your life. :)


Mel said...

Hi Daiquiri,
Welcome to my blog as you can tell, I'm really new at blogging. I have spent countless hours this last week designing my page and trying to navigate around. Hope that you will stop by again.

Vickie said...

You need to make those horses some sweaters. lol