Tuesday, February 5

Persian rugs

Hello everyone,
Just a short note to share some cool worldwide history. My hubby has been in the middle east for almost 3 weeks. He has been there before (business) about 3 years ago, and purchased a beautiful rug for our livingroom. On this trip he purchased 3 more and actually took a two hr class on how the rugs are made, and how to tell the best quality from the the others. This was an email from Chuck explaining what he learned. Hope you all enjoy it!

this is a little info on the Nain carpet making town in Iran. Nain as a weaving center only dates back to the 1920. At first it wasone of the areas that produced Isfahan carpets. Then beginning in the1930s it developed it's own identity for very fine precise workshopcarpets on a cotton foundation. As much as anything it was a result ofsome extraordinary workshops. Nain is a city in Iran in-between Isphahan and Yezd. It is thecollection point for the rugs called Nain which are actually made over alarge area. The average from over 300 knots per square inch to more thandouble that. I understand that Habibian has made rugs in the 900 kpsirange. The best known workshop in Nain is Habibian. Many villages that producedfine Isfahan rugs switched to producing Nain rugs later in the 20thcentury. Many of the Nain type rugs are also woven in Tabas. The reason they got into carpet making was that the woolclothing market collapsed so they started making Isfahan style carpetsuntil they developed their own identity. You see where they talk about the 300 knot average, our rugs are 600 knot rugs so very good.

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Hey Mel, that's so cool! I can't wait to see some pictures when he gets home.