Sunday, February 10

My Honey is Home!

Chuck made it back to American soil this last Friday, with a few delayes in Chicago. Unfortunately, the rugs have not made it here as of yet as they were shipped through the Post Office located on a Naval Base in Manama Bahrain. I will get some photos as soon as I can and post for all to see. I'm really excited to receive them myself!

He took some pictures with a disposable camera of his trip, so if there are any of the area worth sharing I will also post a few of them.

Good to have him home, we have had so much snow this last week or so, I was beginning to get overwhelmed with snow removal and barn duties... Tonight we ar expected to get below zero (after wind chill is factored in) and have approx. 35-45 mph winds. Great stuff, if you' a polar bear!

Until next time stay safe,be happy and enjoy life...



Vickie said...

Hey, Good to hear Chuck is home safe and sound. We have only had a trace of snow this year and Colin would love for it to snow all day long so he could go out and play in it. We had a beautiful weekend and did a lot of yard work. Okay that didn't make the kids happy. lol Can't wait to see pictures of the rugs. Hugs

Mel said...

Hi Vick,
Colin loves the snow, he would love it here right now then. We have drifts that are up to the horses bellies! I cannot wait to do yardwork myself however, for us it may be a few months...
I visited your blog today I have a lot of redesigning to do, guess I need more computer time to figure it out. Hugs right back at ya! TTYL