Tuesday, October 8

Back In The Swing of Things....Like Blogging!

Sorry, for my absence, I'm not sure what kept me away for so long, other than... I just wasn't into it!

 Perhaps, I felt as if I'd run out of interesting things to talk about. 

I did think of my frequent blogger friends, and missed you all dearly! 
Looking forward to peeking back to see what you all have been blogging about. 

I have been busy as usual with gardening, gathering, and preserving. Our vineyard yielded over 3000 lbs of Frontenac Gris grapes. We kept a tote for ourselves, as we like to make some for family, friends and barters. 

Speaking of bartering, I met a cousin of mine, one I never knew I had. We have a few things in common, gardening the organic way, was one of them. He grows garlic, and I love garlic, I grow it too, however, not at the same level as he. I traded him a few bottles of our wine for some different varieties of his home grown organic garlic. Was surprised when I received the box and it had something like 8 different varieties. Can hardly wait to get some planted, and I already tasted one of the clumps, it was awesome! 

I have a few more things to can, such as; potatoes, carrots, beets,and pumpkin, then perhaps I can get the garlic in prior to winter. Just finished my apple butter today, which was great, the whole house smelled like apples, cinnamon, and cloves.

It's time to start thinking about dinner,  I'd better scoot for now. 

Blessings <><


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