Monday, August 6

August, Already... Are you Kidding Me!

Hello to all,

It has been a real busy year here... I just cannot believe; it's August.

I have spent the past few months, planting gardens, pruning the vineyard, raising chickens, working for an elderly couple, did I say, pruning the vineyard, nursing a horse back to health, and tryting to keep up with the everyday chores of a housewife, mother & Grammy.


It has been a really hot and dry summer for us, bringing on the extra work of watering all the plants, and keeping the livestock watered and cool.
One of our horses is suffering from a severe head injury so I have spent a lot of time trying to get her back to health.  At first, she didn't even know how to eat or drink, but a few days into it, she figured that out. She had in the process bit her cheek and caused an absess, which on top of steroids, and asprin the vet had to come back and supply us with antibiotics. Three times a day; I would go out feed her some horsey porage ( complete feed slushy) and give her the meds. She has progressed... some... however, she is still off in her thinking processes. When she gets herself worked up she loses her balance and leans to her far right. She doesn't remember how to follow the other horses into their stalls at night, so I have to coax her into a small paddock just outside the barn, and close the gate very slowly. Wait it out, until she settles down and I can walk up to her and clip her lead line onto her halter and lead her in.  We do not know if she had a stroke, or was being  her usual bully and trying to herd the other horses, only to get a kick to her head.

Either way, we just hope and pray for a full recovery.

Even though it has been dry and hot, our veggy garden is supplying us with lots of good eats. So far, I have collected beets, lettuce, peas, basil, summer squash, a zuchini, spinach... so not bad. As I sit and write my blog,  I have summer squash dehydrating in the oven, next the beets will be thinly sliced and dried also. I hear, beet chips are awesome,... must try for myself. The best part is, I can save some by vacumm packing and store them for winter use. I love my veggies!

I haven't blogged in so long, I have wore myself out, must take a nap before I have to fix dinner.

You all stay hydrated and cool

Blessings, Mel

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