Saturday, January 14

Learning By Trial & Errors

I really began to wonder...

A few nights ago after trying to change my background several times... I don't know what I did, however, a whole new look at things had me stumped.

I still do not know what I did, perhaps I added the updated version of blog?????

At any rate, here I am with a whole new look, and learning as I go, because things appear different as far as options and applications.

Bare with me as I take on the new adventure into blogland.



Vickie said...

Hey Mel,

Learning by trial & error is a way of life. Everything to do with the computer has been by trial and error but it is just remembering exactly what I did do when it did turn out right.

Love the new look!

Love Ya :)

Paula said...

Don't feel bad, Mel~ I do things like that all the time then can't figure out how to cahnge them back! *grin*
Looking forward to reading your posts in 2012, dear friend!