Monday, June 20

Still Kickin...

Hello, to all my faithful followers,

I'm sorry, to have kept you all wondering if something bad has happened to me, or what on earth is going on.

All is well, hubby and I have been spending many hours outdoors, with all the gardens and animals we've been quite busy. Have been spending lots of time with our kids and grand K's, lots of birthday parties, voluteering for our church fair, and house sitting.... It's really been crazy around here.

The grapevines are "alot" of work; weeding, pruning, tying, spraying for bugs, spraying for grass under the vines. No longer do you finish this chore, then you have to go back to the starter row and start all over again. There are over 300 vines and 8 rows, all of which are loaded this season with little itty-bitty clusters.

Do you like surprises, I know I do.... I had dumped a packet of old seeds in the bottom corner of one of my raised beds and a few years later Wha~La! This is what grew I think, it is Sweet William, whatever they are, I just love them.... They smell so good.

And many birthdays/parties..... ranging from 2 years old to well, I'm gonna keep ya all guessing as my birthday is next (July)

Should be another grandson's birthday picture here, he is camera shy and would not allow a photo to be taken ;(

Our daughters birthday, however, baby tries to help mommy blow out all the candles.

I hang out all winter... just waiting and watching out the window... for summer. I'm an outdoors kind of gal, as long as it is warm and sunny.

Big hugs to you all and God Bless You for checking on me, I do not like the cold winters here, so when warm weather arrives, I live outside.... I love the sun!!!


Paula said...

Hello, Mel! So good to hear from you...
Sounds like you've been busy, busy- your grapevines and gardens are looking good!
Don't work too hard, Sweetie..

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I was a wondering what was going on?,
A vineyard? As in wine grapes? Awesome!!!
Looks like you have been keeping busy. Everyone looks happy and healthy.
Hope all continues so well.

Mel said...

Good morning Ladies,

It's great to hear from you, yes things have been hoppin' around here. The rain and humidity allows things to grow "fast" so my days are usually outdoors in the vineyard; uh, huh, as in wine grapes. The grass has to be cleared from them every few days, ans the lawn here; is nuts, every 3 days.

It really is good to see ya stopped by.