Sunday, January 9

I have a secret to share :)

I' am Pleased to announce
One of the blogs I frequent is Parker's Paradise at
Linda, is the host and she is amazing. She has a giveaway going on with several different items, she is having this giveaway to celebrate for over 200 followers that have signed onto her blog.
"Congratulations" my dear friend!
I want to apologize to my followers, as I have not been blogging much lately. I guess, I'm having a bloggers block, just cannot drag anything out of me to write about. I will try harder to keep up with all my wonderful blog buddies, and want to "Thank you all, Greatly" for continuing to follow this blog.
Many Blessings to all of you,


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a sweet post. I have you entered 4 times and I am pulling for you! This is a special one. I've had such a rough winter so far and I am determined to make it better. I love doing for others and this is a win-win for me.
Thanks for coming by, sticking with me and advertising this giveaway.
You are a great friend! You are on Facebook? Invite me as a friend and we'll find time to 'chat'!

Mel said...

Oh yes dear, I'm on facebook, Thanks to our oldest daughter, who walked mom through the basics. I'd be glad to add you, and look forward to meeting you there.

God Bless You,

Paula said...

It's okay Mel, I forgive you... *giggle*
I still love you and hope you're staying warm!
Linda really is amazing- she has the most wonderful, generous heart of anyone I know.