Saturday, January 15

Frost Heeving Gate, A Visit From Big Foot, and Some Very Spoiled Critters

With the winter temperatures rising and falling, this gate often rises with the temps.
What a beautiful day yesterday was... the sun glistened from the deep blue sky, the snow sparkled as if it was dusted with diamonds, and the horses.... they were hungry.

As we get older, our horses become more and more therapeautic for the soul. A long distant friend of mine had emailed me a few nights ago, asking; "Do you still own your mustangs" We do, and how the years creep up on us... The youngest of our horses "Scout" is approaching 15 years, his mother a wild horse in her younger years (she was 4 when we purchased her from the BLM) "Sierra" is approx. 19 years, and our Arabian Mare "April" (the boss of them all) is also approx. 19 years.

I'd just finished placing hay in piles for them, and here they are soaking up all the warm rays from the sun, while enjoying every bite of their breakfast. Sierra is the gray one all the way to the left, in the middle is her son Scout, and the one on the far right that's April.

I tried to go around in front of them for frontal picture, they turned their hind-quarters towards the camera.... Hmmm, alrighty then. Perhaps, it was a bad hair day!

If you click on the image, you may be able to see the diamonds in the snow. It was so pretty, I couldn't resist.........

Some of you may remember "Rusty" from last summer, he started out as a blue egg; well greenish actually, he was my first hatched chicken/Rooster. You can check in some of our former posts and see his baby picture, If you'd like...

Without fail, every morning, as I enter the barn to start my morning chores Rusty is right at the door to say hello. He is half New Hampshire Red and half Araucana (not sure if I spelled that one right) the blue egg layers anyway. I love his colors!
Now, on my way out to the chicken condominium, to feed and water the rest of our poultry crew, I saw this.... Doesn't it appear as if Big Foot was here?

Paula over at had some footprints in the snow at her farm yesterday as well. That's really what inspired this picture of prints in the snow. I think, she'd agree this is a big foot print; indeed.

I hope, you all enjoyed a tour around, we are happiest when we can share our time with friends and loved ones, so visit us often.



Scrappy quilter said...

Always enjoy visiting you. Hugs

Kelle said...

Thanks for the tour.:o)
I love it when the snow has diamonds. Your animals aren't the only spoiled animals in the world, because ours are too! LOL!!! Hey, our chickens get hot mash when it's cold and warm water as well.

You rooster is very handsome, is he tame. The one condition for roosters here is that they have to be tame and non agressive. If they get agressive we take measures and if this doesn't stop it the chopping block does. I've seen to many horrible wounds from roosters spurs and since young children often visit here we simply have no tolerance for agressive roosters.

Thanks for sharing, it was fun.
Blessings for your weekend,

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, I can't believe how beautiful Rusty is and how he has grown. I've personally seen enough snow and can say I've seen enough! I'm so ready for spring!

Bigfoot? Hmmmm... I guess you have come up with a new nickname. lol Tell Bigfoot Hi for me. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)

Verde Farm said...

Your blog is just my style. Love it and can’t wait to read more. Come by for a visit at Verde Farm whenever you get a chance.
Happy Sunday :) Amy

Kritter Keeper said...

your 'ponies' are like mine. today i tried to photograph jessie my 26 year old qu and after staring at me for some time, she decided to munch some grass. silly girl! your rooster is so cute! my husband says no to chickens at the moment. thanks so much for listing my blog, i listed yours but i didn't see your pic under my followers? you seem like me with your love for your husband and farm. looking forward in following you!! ;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Your horses are so beautiful. I can see where they would be great stress-busters. Our neighbors have about 30 horses in the pasture across the street. They have lots of babies. They call them POAs. I think it is a cross between a pony and a horse? Anyway, they are beautiful and I love watching them.
Thanks for coming over.

QuiltedSimple said...

How pretty! I sold my 2 horses almost a year ago - no time to ride and the kids weren't interested. I do miss of these days I'll have another horse:) love the snowy photos

Paula said...

*giggle* Yes, Mel~ that is definitely Bigfoot compared to the tracks I saw!! LOL
Rusty is quite a handsome fellow... I'm sure your girls swoon over him.
Stay warm, dear friend!