Thursday, December 23

Santa Will Be Expecting....

Hello my dear friends,

Are you all ready for Santa to come visit your homes? You know, he will be expecting cookies and milk or does he like beer better....

I purchased a cookie press a few weeks ago, but with all the hustle and bustle, I cannot find it. So, for now, I have a few cookies; these are Chocolate & Walnut Biscotti; I figure, Chocolate goes with anything you may have to drink.

There will be no need to wax your runners on the sleigh for our area Dear Santa as we are getting some freezing drizzle. Oh, please, be sure to pack your spikes to place over your boots, we don't want you to slip on the metal roof, our hospitals do not come highly recommended.

Note to Santa: Dear Santa, I do believe, I've been a good girl this past year.... however, could you define "good" for me.

I really, don't need anything or want anything, except... Hope, Love, & Faith.

Merry Christmas


Country Whispers said...

Cute post and the biscotti looks delicious.
Wishing you have a Merry Christmas!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh-My-Word!! What a good looking treat! I could munch on those!
Stay safe in the freezing rain. Make a cocoa or a hot toddy and stay in!
Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday and best wishes for the new year!

Mel said...

Hello Ladies,

The biscotti is really easy to make, and so far everyone loves it...

My grandpa was a dunker, every morning he would have a donut and coffee for his breakfast; every morning he'd dunk his donut in his cup of coffee (hmmm, was Dunkin Donuts even around back in the 70's) I wonder if he had anything to do with the title of that franchise... LOL

Merry Christmas Girls & May God Bless you all and your families throughout the New year!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just love this post! Hope this finds that you had a wonderful Christmas! blessings,Kathleen