Tuesday, June 15

How old ~ Is too Old

This is a familiar face to those who frequent my blog (Shenae). She seems to be a P.T . Brooder closing in on 2 weeks since she started to set on 3 eggs, however, every few days Shenae will fly over her coop and end up in the bucket across the barn.

This bucket is used by one of the other chickens (Velma) with whom we put with Shenae for company after Mr. Roo passed on. Since the morning chores are my responsibility, I check the coop each morning hoping and praying we have a little fuzz ball or two to cuddle. I'm not sure if Shenae gets confussed which egg/s she is supposed to lay on or WHAT... But, I kindly lift her off Velmas egg and place her back on hers, inside the designated broody condo.

I'm not so sure these 3 eggs will hatch, because I'm not sure of the length of time she is out of the coop and off these eggs.

Now, I know, a broody hen, when I see one... Shenae, will growl at anyone or anything, and she also puffs herself up to look like a black beach ball.

The first few times, I thought maybe she had developed rabies or something the way she made those funky noises and blew up. She intimidated me, to the point, I hightailed it out of the barn, grabbed my handy dandy chicken book and started researching to find out that she was not rabid, she wanted to be a mother hen.

We would so much like to have a new batch of chicks, with Shenae being a 7 year old chicken perhaps, she's to old for this kind of work... Or is she not..........


Lea said...

Hi Mel,
What a pretty hen! Had to chuckle at her scare tactics. I have a funny story to share soon about one of ours.
Been thinking of you and hope you're doing okay.

Mel said...

Hi Lea,
What a joy it is to hear from you.

Yes, I'am doing well, things are just really busy on the farm (summer) or at least, I think it's summer. With this wet and chilly weather, it feels and acts more like spring :(

I just have to come over and read your funny story...

Blessings, Mel

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz, It's been a week since this posting and I'm just stopping by. So bad of me! Do you have any little fuzz balls to report on yet? Love Ya Cuz :)