Wednesday, January 13

ThE ChIcKeN ChAiSe

Just another day in the barn keeping up with chores~ Or is it!

Chores here are done first thing in the morning. Just look at the sunrise that greated me as I walk out the back of the barn. To think, it is only 4*F...

As I sift through the horse stalls with a future fork (why on earth would you name a tool that is used to muck stalls; a future fork) I hear a weird sound. At first, it sounded like an electrical short in the electric fence a snap, snap, snap, or a tap, tap, tap; kind of noise, but how could it be coming from the opposite side of the pasture? This is why...
Can you see it?

This is a chicken with a frozen snake held in her beak. Now, it's a darn good thing that snake is dead or you would not catch me standing here taking these pictures. I'd be over there somewhere by the sunset. They each had to share in the moment, by stealing it from each other and running around the barn floor. The noise is them smacking it on the floor (are they trying to kill it, or just trying to chop it up)

In and out of the stalls they ran, around the tractor, under the tractor, right past me... One would lose it and another would grab it, and start running away.

This would be me!


Farm Chick Paula said...

*chuckle* Yes I would be hiding in the bucket too, Mel!! Cute pictures... aren't chickens the funniest things ever?
Hope you are staying warm, dear friend!

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh, this made me laugh. I know what you's like watching a football game when the chickens find something good to eat! blessins,Kathleen

Lea said...

haha! I love the pic of the hen in the trash can.
At Blossomberry's up on the mountain, they have a few hens that get to run free throughout the nursery, and one hen loves to "set" in a flower pot. CUTEST DAD GUM THING.

Bout the snake...hate em! To me thee only good snake is a dead one.
I won't even carry a handbag that looks snakeskin. Yuck! Nor boots, do you?

Well have an awesome day, and enjoy those sunrises n sunsets. GOD'S GOOD!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

OMG TOO FUNNY!!!!!! I would so be that hen in the trash can too!! Crazy chickens are so fun to watch. I always love giving them spaghetti noodles and watching them fight over the first noodle that one hen picks up, leaving the whole pile in puursuit of that one noodle!!!!!!!

QuiltedSimple said...

i'd be out of there so fast! i hate snakes with a passion. cute pictures!

Mel said...

Glad you all enjoyed the pic's of the chickens, with a laugh to boot.

Yes, chickens are funny to watch, and indeed, I have fed mine spaghetti then sat back to watch them race around trying to snatch it.

Listen, It's a pleasure to have you all come by, hope to see you soon.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said... is a beautiful sunrise! Brr....that's cold! It was getting almost 60 degrees here today. If I didn't know better, I'd be expecting spring!

I'm with you....I don't go anywhere near a live snake and sometimes not even a dead one! Snakes and lizards...nope! :)

Your chickens look very entertaining!

Have a great day!

Brenda Eason said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting. I love your place and can't wait to return.
Im just a country girl too with a dream of selling this big home since the kids are gone and building a cabin.

Vickie said...

My dearest cousin you have way too much excitement on your little farm! I've said this before we need to live closer together because we are so much a like. I'de be running for my life and you would have to scootch over in that can. Love Ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

Thanks for all your comments, it is a given that most of us do not take kindly to creepy crawly snakes. The way the girls (chickens) were smacking it on the ground, I'd have to say our feelings are mutual... LOL

I'm so tickled to have you all stop in and will be looking forward to more visits.