Wednesday, December 30

A New Year Is Coming

Wowser, It's difficult to believe; only one more day left of 2009. How many of us will goof up on writing 2009 on checks instead of 2010; I know, I will, a time or two...

Here, in the NE part of the country, many of us woke up to below zero temps. When I went to put the dogs out for there first potty break the metal handle on the door was so frozen your skin stuck to it (kinda like the little boy in "The Christmas Story" where he sticks his tongue to the metal pole) where the heat from your hand created just enough moisture. We figured we'd be in for a really cold night; last night just before "I thought," I was going to bed, I went to fill up the dogs water bucket; come to find out the water was frozen. Hubby, in his PJ's had to crawl under the whirlpool with a drop light and heat gun to thaw the pipe.
Got it, in just about 15 minutes when we heard the water gush in, Hip~Hip Horay!!! (Dogs were happy too...)

Still cold out there, about 15*F right now, don't think it will make it to the 23* they were talking of this morning. Wish, I could kick back, with a nice hot cup of cocoa (complete with Marshmellows) snuggle into a warm blanket with a really good book. Not an easy task, with a cranky 7 month old. We have had the pleasure of spending the last week with our littlest Grand D. Not sure if she is getting a cold, cutting teeth, or allergic to the many critters (pets) but she has had a stuffy runny nose. Lots of times she cannot even use her binkie or take the bottle as her little tiny noses is so stuffed. We have one of those fancy smancy suction bulbs, it works, but just for a very short period. The local pharmacist advised using benadryl as it is according to them the safest for a baby, does not seem to be touching it. She is at the moment on one of her 20 minute power naps, while her Baby Eienstein plays sleepy music in the background.

She's just so adorable!!!

My eyes is getting heavy also, so maybe I should take this oportunity for a little shut eye.

Just in case, I don't post before the New Year~

We wish all of you a Very Happy New Year!


scrappy quilter said...

Happy New year to you too. Hope your little granddaughter feels better soon. Hugs

Lea said...

Hey Mel!
Happy New Years EVE my friend!!!
Hope thee wee one is feelin better.

Brrr it sounds mighty cold there.
Stay warm, and have that hot cocoa!!

Vickie said...

Happy New Year Cuz :) Is the little one feeling better? Love Ya:)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just dropped by to say hello. Hope you have a new year filled with the best of blessings,Kathleen

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