Friday, August 28

Summer Time ~ Fun Times

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Our summer has been rather busy, therefore, has swept away to quickly.

A~ had a friend come for a week long visit, they had gone to school ,but as those of you who are familiar with military lives and the frequent moves; G~ moved away with her family a few years ago. The first year, A~ visited them for a week, so it was G~s turn to stay with us. Here they are busy making brownies. Yum~Yum

This is them sitting at the island, just being kids...

A trip to the zoo with A & G, do you see what we see?

Few babysittings with Z~ she is now 3 months old, a happy little bundle of love.

Okay, very flustered, for some crazy reason, (more than likely me) after this post, I had 3 more pictures and an explaination of... but, when I tried to complete this task, clicking on Image icon it was like frozen. Would not bring up picture file, this just means, I have to do a seperate post (a promise to cuzin Vicky) of my Strawberry -Kiwi Jam.



BittersweetPunkin said...

This summer did fly right by didn't it...we are starting school in less than 2 weeks here!

scrappy quilter said...

This summer has been a write-off here. Mostly very cool temps and gone in a heartbeat. Hope our fall is nice. Loved your pictures.

Gail said...

Fun times pass too quickly. I would like to "save time in a bottle",

Mel said...

Thanks, for stopping by ladies. Why is it the older you get, the faster time seems to pass? It's not like the number of hours in a day have changed...

School here starts in a few weeks as well, although most kids (in other states) have been in school for two weeks already.

Talk to you all soon,