Thursday, June 25

Warmer Weather Gets Granny Outside

Summer temps have finally made their way North, It is actually perfect for me. Yesterday, I took Autie to the local zoo, ended up purchasing a seasons pass, with this purchase we maybe able to visit other zoo's for half price "if not free of charge," depending on if they are on the list of zoo's agreeing to be associated with ours.
It was 86* yesterday so many of the animals were asleep and hiding in their far off dens. However, we did have the opportunity to see a few.Like this Snowy White Owl... Whooooo are you looking at? As we approached their living space they were also asleep, Autie push a tree branch out of her way to snap this photo. She is a swell photographer!

We'd passed by this Bob cats cage earlier in the day, and he was sprawled out under a big tree trunk fast asleep, later we'd walked by and he was laying close to the fence... perfect pose.

Look way out there, do you see this guy, his rack was absolutely huge. This folks is where the Elk hang out, the rack on this one was (I think, 8 points) covered in velvet, and to us it seems heavy to have to carry on top of ones head. I took this for my hubby, he will drool over this guy... It will remind of him of a few elk hunts he took in Alaska.

We saw a black bear all spread out half in the shade of a tree branch and half in the hot sun.(I just wanted to get in there and tap on his shoulder and tell him to move back a bit, into the shade.) Being as hot as it was I figured he was resting comfortably, I'd just better mind my own business. After all, we've all heard the saying when you wake someone up there are grouchy as a bear, so we tip toed away.

We wandered over to the mini barn where we spotted a miniature pony and two mini donkeys. They looked alittle ratty, have not yet shedded out, and their tummies were kinda bloated, maybe a little wormy. At any rate, we pulled up some clover, and started to hand feed the mini pony, then soon after one of the donkeys joined us, in a distance was another mini donkey, she was very intimidated by the others, I started to speak to her in her language hee haw~hee haw; folks I wish you could have been there... She was so excited she started to scream hee~haw right back, only she wouldn't stop, we got her to come in close enough she got a couple hands of clover and grass too. Autie and I decided we would call it a day and head for home, all the while in the background we hear this mini donkey squealing away. Poor little lady~ we'll bring her some good snacks next time.

Here on the farm, we had a visitor today, our little Madie was here. She loves the chickens, and begged to go feed them. I just bought a big cantalope yesterday, I cut a big piece off for her and took her out to feed the chickens.

Now, a sneak peek of some of my gardening,the trash can potatoes, after this picture was taken, I added 3 more inches of dirt and planted 4 more potatoes on top of these.

Things are slowly growing and should provide a little corn, peas, beans, squash, cantalope, broccoli, onions, asparugus will go one more year before we can start benifiting from it, however, she is about 5 feet tall and all blossoms.

Praise be to God...

P.S. We are aiming for 90* today.... Yeah Baby!


RiverBend Farm said...

Isn't it fun to go to a zoo? Except for the monkeys..I don't much care for them.
It has been 104 here..way to hot to go out and do anything.

Linda said...

i had to go back and look at the baby again. she is so beautiful. i wish some of my 'grands' were still babies.*heavy sigh*
and dunkin and marley. you truely do live on the funny farm, and yet you are compelled to find your amusement at the zoo. hooray---i'm glad i'm not alone in my love for the seems that it is always hot when we go, too...

scrappy quilter said...

I love visiting a zoo or game farm. We are +29C today and that means hot. Can't complain though after all the cold weather we've had.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Mel! I love the picture of the owl- I think they are so fascinating. I heard one a couple of nights ago- they're very chilling to hear in the dead of night!
Sounds like you will have a wonderful bounty this year!

Mel said...

Hello Ladies,
Thanks for stopping by to visit the farm. The garden is really starting to take off, (with lots of help from the humidity & rain) I used the grass clippings to mulch down the rows and that also helped a great deal.

Now I'm off to visit some of your farms.

See ya soon,

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

We used to go visit the zoos a lot when our children were small. Always a good time. We had been having heat up to 107, but have gotten much need rain the past two days, bringing it down to a wonderful 80! Sounds like your garden is doing good! blessings,Kathleen

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like a fun trip to the zoo!
Have a great week

BittersweetPunkin said...

Gosh, I haven't been to a zoo since we lived in Colorado. There is a Wilderness Park here in well as a few zoos.

It's very HOT here....I don't like to be sticky. I want to be somewhere cool...but not cold.

Did you have your oral surgery yet?

disa said...