Tuesday, June 2

Mamma always said:

Where have the months gone, June 2nd already, holy moley! I have to tell you all that even though it is June we had snow mixed with hail a few days ago, I wanted to cry. Recently, hubby & I went to the local nursery and ended up buying some vegatables for the garden, it has been so cold that we could not plant seeds and it's getting late in the year to have anything produce in time so had to cheat a little and buy plants. They have had to get covered a few nights on count of frost, but we have a good head start now. I'm also trying the garbage can potatoes, keep your fingers crossed with me....

In the chicken coop~
Velma is laying on some eggs, we hope to have a few baby chicks out of the deal, haven't been successful yet, not sure she is a full time sitter or just part time. It is so funny to watch the other hens scooch their way in the brooder box next to her to lay their eggs, only to have this hen claim them. Ugly Barney (ya all remember, he started out with the name of Ugly Betty) well, he is one big boy, seems to be a gentle giant as far as the hens go, that's good.

Talking of gentle giants~
Dunkin our little puppy, well, he's not so little anymore either. We have discovered, he has a closterphobic problem... or something. My plans have been to take him to Obiedience classes and into agility, I'm pulling my hair out, he literally screams and moans when he is in the car, he is in a state of panic; when he was put in the bathtub the other day we had our hands full, he went nuts trying to get away, screaming and moaning on top of it all. I've never encountered this sort of thing before and may be forced to hire someone who can come to our place for some initial training :(

His mother Marley is doing well, she has gained a good amount of weight since getting spayed (she needed the extra weight) looks swell. LOL no pun intended! She loves to play fetch and to drag Dunkin all over the house with the tug toys, they play for hours. I'm not sure, but do think she is calming a little bit when it comes to strangers. Now if she'd just leave our cats alone. Her underground fence training seems to be working beautifully, the neighbors can enjoy their walk knowing she is unable to chaise them down the road any longer.
I love the underground fence, it serves us and our pets very well, Buster our "old" lab loves to chill in the sun, and will lay out there all spread out enjoying every moment. Poor Buzzy, he is starting to get forgetful, and will go to the backdoor to be let in (we rarely use this side door) we know what he wants when we are at the sink window and see him patiently waiting there for someone to come get him. He is such a good boy, I will be lost when his time comes, he is definately one of those dogs that are "one of a kind."

I hear the kitchen calling me to get started with dinner, or is that hubby... LOL

Talk to you all soon,


Gail said...

Patience, patience. One little puppy step at a time will get him comfortable with all these new things.

scrappy quilter said...

You have been so missed. I think it will come...he is still just a pup. I hope you things will improve with him in time.

Can't wait to see how many chicks you have.

Great to see you again.

Mel said...

I missed all of you as well, time just seems to breeze by during spring and summer months. I love the outdoors, and always have something that needs done...

I sure hope, Dunkin outgrows this, I kinda wonder if any of this has anything to do with being raised by a human. He sure is a cutie, I told hubby today, I love Dunkins big dark eyes and his black nose, True characteristics of a lab. His paws are so big he paddles as he walks, he is a handful of joy!!!


RiverBend Farm said...

There you are! You've been missed.
When you get a chance, I know we'd all love recent pics.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Goodness, Mel- I sure have missed you!
Sounds like you're a frustrated gardener like me this year. We'll just have to keep a fingers crossed and whisper a few extra prayers for our veggies.
Hang in there Velma- you'll get some babies one day.
Thanks for updating us on what's been going on around your place, dear friend!

QuiltedSimple said...

It's been freezing here to - 50's and 60's with lots of rain. I'm ready for some warm and sun. THe poor pup - hopefully it comes in time!

Picket said...

Hey girl...it was so good to hear from you...I can't believe you are still having cold weather...see if you lived in the South next to me you'd be enjoying the humidity and the sweat trickling down in unforbidden places! lol

Ohhhh I can't wait to see some pics of the baby chicks..you know I love those right?! LOL

It will just take time for your new puppy to learn to calm down
and lordy it is hard for me to talk about pets right now even still...I still take spells crying about losing our little Maggie..she was such a sweetheart of a dog..

Hope you get to plant things soon and hope you have a glorious weekend!