Monday, March 23

Good Golly, Miss Molly~ Look who's back

Hello to all,

It has been a long haul with all these cute little fur balls to attend to. I had them eating mash at 16 days old and it has all paid off, each and everyone of them are healthy, wild and wooly...

Here they are all starting to wake up from their naps, their favorite thing to do is to chew on you with those new needle like teeth, Ouchy they are sharp!

They are all so quick it is impossible to get a group picture. For me, it is difficult to think they are already a month old, and as I think about it, I also get nervous about finding them families that will be patient and loving. Having had to play the motherly role, I have gotten attatched
to these little buggers.
Just when we thought we were getting an early spring, the temperatures have taken a nose dive. It was only 19* here today and with the wind it felt like it was below zero. I went to Wal~Mart a few days ago and bought a few Giant Canna plants, I so, have the fever to get outside and dig in the dirt. Looks like we will be above freezing later in the week, thankfully!
I'm sure the chickens are ready to run, not to mention the horses anxious to ride...
I'm gonna call it a night, as I'm sure to be awake sometime during the night when 8 little pups think its time to get out and play (I usually give them some food as a snack) and they go right back to sleep until about 6:30 or so.
You all have a wonderful night and God Bless,


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh my...those pups are growing so fast! They are so cute..I could get attached too. Years ago when my cat had kittens (only 3) we had such a hard time parting with them but they were into everything...LOL

It's in the 30's here...I am itching to plant flowers but I know as soon as I do we'll get another frost!

scrappy quilter said...

Those pups are precious. I can see how you have gotten attached to them. It's cold here with a snowstorm brewing, along with winds.

Mel said...

Hello Bittersweet & Scrappy,
Glad you could stop over to see the pups. We have been letting them out of their divided area to play in the main house, and let me tell you, they now know where the door is... LOL they will sit at their door and literally howl now to be let out.
Their true mother "Marley" reminds me daily why we need to find them all their perfect family. On a daily basis, It takes me nearly a half hour to vacuum all the hair from the floor, Goldens are known for their abilities to shed.

You ladies have a wonderful evening, and stop in again soon.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh they are so sweet, Mel! And beautiful color, too. I love puppy breath... *sigh*...
Take a whiff for me, okay? LOL

Vickie said...

Oh My Gosh Mel they are so cute!

It started raining here today and it's gotten cold!!! Ok, maybe not as cold as you have been. lol

Love Ya Cuz :)

Picket said...

Ohhhhhh they are adorable girl!!!!! I remember my days when the kids were little and we'd have batches of puppies and I'd be their second mama..ohhhh I loved them was hard for me to give them up but they all went to great homes and we got to see them often after they were grown It's good to see a new post from you sweetie..hope you have a great week!

Rose Mary said...

They are adorable!!! I sure hope you find good 'moms' for all of them!

Picket said...

Hey are those furbabies doing? I bet they are beautiful! I know what it's like to raise a litter of is like a 24 hour daycare!lol It was so good to hear from you that it is Spring it is just so hard for me to stay in the house..except for these next few days..cold spell and some storms!!!!! lol Well you know we heard thunder in Feb & down South we believe how ever many times you hear thunder in Feb it will be a cold snap that many times in April..Hey I don't make this stuff was pounded into my little brain from childhood! lol lol Have a great week sweetie!