Wednesday, February 11

Do Chickens Suffer From Alzhiemers ... Hmmm

It's early on Tuesday morning, chore time in the barn. Not a bad day outside, overcast, however, warm for a change. Good day to let the horses out of their stalls and into the pasture, just need to spread a bale of hay out for each of them. They are waiting in their stalls, as soon as the barn door is slid open, they start pacing around in anticipation to be free. Racing out the door, tip toeing across the ice, until they reach the crunchy snow, and up the hill they race to their individual piles of hay. Entering our Arabians stall this is what I see in the horse feeder.

Shanea~ nea, now what are you doing, how on earth did you wedge yourself in this feeder?

You girls have these fancy smancy brooder boxes, do you like this better?

Just look at all the fluffy hay to lay your eggs on, remember when you used to leave us gifts in these boxes? The others asked us not to say anything about what they left us in the other chicken coop yesterday. I want to share a picture with my blogging friends... Shenea~nea and Dottie, place your wings over your eyes, just for a moment, okay ready set go...

Shh, be very quiet when you look at this photo, I'm trying to keep the barnyard peaceful. Hubby & I gathered all these and put away 2 1/2 dozen yesterday.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Mel,
It's so great to meet you!
Looking into your blog was like "coming home!" WOW... we share alot in common.
Your hen cracks me up. She musta "figured out" you put GRAIN in there *forher* lolololol -- least she must have got dibbs on it first!
I look so forward to reading more of your blog.
And hey, I'm actually thinking about getting a horse again. I can hardly wait to go into your blog and find pics of your arabs.

scrappy quilter said...

I love these chicken stories. Too funny.

Linda said...

I love-love-love chicken stories!!
good pics.....

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness Mel- that first picture is hilarious!! It looks like she's saying, "can you give me some privacy here?"

Gail said...

Scrambled eggs, anyone? Lots of pretty colored eggs. Maybe you should hang feeders in the hen house.

Amy said...

One thing I've learned about chickens is that they usually do the exact opposite of what you want them to do. Now, you know, a feeder is actually a nest. Put the grain in the nest boxes and you'll be all set!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Isn't that something? know a girl has a right to change her mind doesn't she??


Picket said...

Girl you know I love anything to do with chickens!!!! I love this post and I love that you named a chicken after me!! lol Dottie is named after me right???? lol lol
Girl I could so live in the country and raise chickens..there is just something so sweet about seeing a mama hen clucking softly to her baby doodies....I thank God that I have so many sweet memories of farm life with my grandparents...there is nothing that compares to those days in my childhood..hope you are having a great week my friend!