Wednesday, October 29

What is this, snow, and a whole lot of critters

Hi Guys,

This is what we woke up to this morning, 17 inches in our area, and still snowing. It's only October, however, it is beautiful! Hard to believe, in a day or two we are suppose to be up around 60 F.

We really have had a wet summer, so once all the snow melt we will have more water. Good for tose of us that get our water supply from wells.

The photo's I'm about to share of the chickens was taken just 3 days ago, hubby and I were working in t shirts it's was such a gorgeous day.

This is our rooster, Huey he is an Araucana and has a very strange crow about him.

His personality is an odd one, he will charge after you, then when you stop, he stops and just stares up at you. Never know what he might be thinking...

This big blonde chicken is Ugly Betty, I'm not sure why she is so much larger than the other hens, something, must have happened at the chicken factory. She doesn't look anything like our buff Orpingtons, she must be a large breed of some kind. Of course, she decided to bend over as I was taking her photo.

Group photo taken while free ranging around the barnyard.

One of these has the name of Slim Pickins as she loves to pick at your pants, shoes, shirt, whatever she can latch onto. She is one of the Delawares which are nearly white in color.

This is the interior of the chicken coop, I have been busy putting it together little by little. These are brooder boxes where the hens will "eventually" lay their eggs. Once the snow melts off, I'm getting ready to dig the trench for electric so that we can add heated buckets for water and the ability to use a heat lamp when the temps get below zero. If we can keep it around 45 Degrees all winter the hens will lay throughout the season. With 24 chickens in a 10x10 coop will they be able to keep it warm on their own?
The time has come, where I must depart my blog, and go to my kitchen to whip up some supper for the family.
Enjoy your mini tour around our farm, and ya'll come back now ya hear.


Picket said...

I love seeing the snow but I couldn't survive living in it! lol I love seeing those chickens and I think 'ugly Betty' is beautiful! lol There are times when I want so bad to live in the country again and have farm animals so my grandkids can experience some of what I did when I was growing up..hope you are having a great week!

Vickie said...

Hey Cuz,

You know I love looking at pictures of snow (oh no I just typed the bad word) but as much as I hate it we do need a wet and cold winter. It was too buggy this summer!

The chickens are so cute!

Love Ya Cuz :)