Friday, September 19

Life is Good

Hello everyone,

I have been on an extended vacation (from my blog) however, things are busy on the farm in the summer months. We are blessed with many great things, one of which is a winter supply of hay for our horses. Our summer has been wet, (lots of rain) therefore, farmers hadn't been able to get out oln their fields to cut & bale. Finally, we received a four day pass, which allowed us to get out there, our hay is in, and we are so thankful.

Secondly, my garden provided us well this summer, lots of cukes, cherry tomatoes, chives, a few herbs, swiss chard, potatoes, etc. needless to say, I have canned pickles, tomato sauce, froze butternut squash, and still not completely done, salsa is next on the list. Anyone have any favorite salsa recipes for canning, I'd love to have some different ideas.

The chickens (all 24 of them) are nearly full grown now, should start laying any day now. We have combined the old with the new and all seems to be just swell, I hope to get some good pictures to share in the near future.

Another job I've been trying to tackle is that approximtely a month ago I had been house sitting a friends cat. Late one night I drove over to feed the kitty on my way I saw what I thought was our neighbors dog (chicken killer) so didn't pay much attention to it (all chickens go to bed around 7pm here on our farm) on my way home the dog was down the road, so, I stopped my car, rolled down the window, called to the puppy (maybe 9 months to a year old) and off she flew. A real "fight or flight" situation, this poor dog, we've discovered is a female she is so afraid; I have a bowl of food set out for her each morning and at night, "hoping" one day I can get her to trust me enough to allow some contact. She eats each day with her tail tucked between her legs looking around all the time to be sure nothing is around her. Just the sound of a persons voice sends her flying. Obviously, this was someones dog, she apparently has been dropped off, possibly, even abused by her previous owners since she is so afraid of people. We are concerned about her as it is getting cold nights, soon there will be snow, my heart goes out to her, wondering where she hunkers down out of the freezing rain and winds. I have tried to sit on a stump and just be still, but ,as soon as she discovers me she's off on a high speed ge away, with her tail tucked under her body. Anyone ever have to deal with this situation, have any suggestions?


Vickie said...

Hey Mel, I know you have been busy and it's nice to see you blogging again. I would continue what you are doing and if you are sitting outside put your hand down and sit completely still and see if he will come sniff it. Or maybe sit there and hold a steak bone to tempt him. Sounds to me as he was abused or he was never in contact with many people. But please be careful you don't know if he has had shots and could get rabies.

Love Ya Cuz,

Jaderocks said...

Hi there,
Not too many people would go to such lengths for a stray. You have a good heart. I hope you can get the dog to trust you before the cold weather sets in. At least it is eating. I'm going to need updates on the "Runaway Friend" We've been so busy all summer too. As soon as I think I'll have time to sit at the computer for a little while we find another job that needs done.
Have a Great day

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Mel. Sounds like the poor thing has been abused. Sometimes, they suffer from distemper and act that way also. Maybe a little patience like you are doing and giving something to eat will make him trust you. Be careful, friendly acting dogs still bite. Good luck, have a wonderful weekend, blessings, Kathleen

Vickie said...

Ok, you have a stray dog and I have a stray cat. The other night Tony had gone to bed early and he came out went and got a bowl of cat food. I thought what in the world is he doing the cat has food and not to mention his bowl is in the laundry room. I asked and he said go into our room. I went in there and you could hear this meowing non stop. He came back in and said I hope this shuts it up. The next night Jene` came home around 11:00 and came in and said there is a cat out there and it was rubbing up against my leg and it looks so skinny. So she took out a bowl of food. Yesterday I saw the cat and it came right up and started rubbing. I reached down to pet it and nothing but fur and bone. So I then brought out some more food. I called the kids aunt and she said to help put weight on it to find some goat milk. Now how many times have I asked for a goat! lol This cat is not coming in!!!! With 2 dogs and 1 cat in here already I have a house full. We have made a bed for it on the front porch but so far he won't use it he goes back into the woods. I'm going to say that it was a family cat because it's not scared of people. Colin was out riding his big wheel yesterday evening and that cat would stand and wait until he stopped and then run up to him to get petted and rub up against him. But he looks and feels so skinny! To me it looks as if it probably isn't a year old yet. Good thing it found us now so we can get some weight on it before the cold weather hits.

Love ya Cuz :)

Mel said...

Hello to you all,
Still working with very intimidated dog. It is so afraid, when she sneaks around the yard to go to the food I put out for her she scootches her shoulder really low to the ground. As she stands to eat her tail is so tight to her body you'd think she didn't have a tail. We are starting to worry about her staying warm as we have had 2 frosts so far in the last week. The geese are heading South in huge flocks (a sure sign winter is near). She is holding her weight well, that's definately a good thing. I move her food dish closer to the back door, which leads into what we call our silo room. I haven't really a plan when I finally get it to the door, as with her being so scared but it is a lot closer for us to provide food and hopefully over a period of time she will get used to the sound of us coming around. She will sit at the edge of the yard and kinda watch us move around, however, any attempt to talk to her, or move in her direction sends her away. My heart aches for this poor animal, I wonder, who, why, & how, "anyone" could abuse an animal to the point of this... I wonder, if they treat animals in these ways, how do they treat their family, their children?
This is a shame!

Thanks, for all your support, in my taming this very timid pup.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Poor thing.. I hate to see a dog act that way.... I know you want to get close so bad... trust takes time, so maybe if you continue feeding her, she will slowly learn she is safe with you!