Tuesday, February 19

Lending a helping hand

Hello all,
Just a quick post to share my news, I tiled a bathroom for the Habitat For Humanity. We have a Why Catholic Group meeting on Sundays after mass & we chose to, as a group, volunteer some hands to help. It was so cool, the boss told Chuck they look for people like me for hire as I dug right in (and finished) my project. Granted it was a small space, but I'm proud to have had the opportunity to help and learn. Chuck & another teammate worked at tiling the masterbath, Autumn & a few others painted, the leader of Why Catholic; Bob & a couple others laid laminate wood flooring in the kitchen. I wish I could figure out how to do the slideshow thing , we have pictures.

Chuck & I are fired up and anxious to get our masterbath shower started.


Vickie said...

What a great project to be involved with and not to mention you not only did it as a church group but you did it as a family.

I haven't done the slide show yet but Becky has when you see her on send her an IM and ask.

Mel said...

Hey Vicky,
I do not have Beck's IM info, I have John's.
Helping with Habitat house has motivated Chuck to get busy on our unfinished walk-in shower. I cleared all the extra supplies out of that area yesterday & told him I was going to start tiling. Before he left for work he'd asked me to look around for some 2x6's so he can frame the bottom trim. He must have felt threatened! LOL