Wednesday, February 27

I'm back!

Hello everyone,
I'm back, last Friday I had the stomach bug, it lasted a couple of days. I've now got caught up on all the housework, so thought I'd let you all know I'm back to blogging. Vickie, you have been one crocheting momma, it looks nice, who are the little hats for? Those are so cute! I used to do the granny square stuff when I was a teenager, but have since forgotten. I wanted to say your gray cat is a twin to mine, and yes, I caught mine chewing on the basket in our guest bathroom the other day. Why do they do that? I don't take pictures like I used to, but should so I can send some tyour way of our farm animals. I'm trying to teach one of the barn cats to ride in the sled, because he follows me out to pasture each morning as I'm dibbing out hay for the horses. I got him to stay put for a little bit yesterday before he decided to jump out. He's an adorable cat that we inherited from one of our local restaurants. We had gone out to eat and when we pulled up to the restaurant we saw this cat going from door to door begging for attention. Onc inside the employees were telling us that the cat had been hanging out there for 3 days and them feeling sorry for him (winter being so frigid here) fed him small scraps. When we went to pull away from the parking lot the cat darted in front of a car and almost got hit. Chuck went inside told the owner we were taking the cat and if someone called looking for it to give us a call we'd return the cat. Well, it's been over a month, do you think anyone is going to call? That is fine with us as he is an avid hunter, thought he could catch the chickens LOL but when Mr. Roo (our rooster) got in front of his hens The cat Tiny quickly found a piece of hay the wind was blowing across the ground to bat at. I'm tellin' ya living on a farm is a hoot!


Mel said...

Sorry, after I had already sent the post I went back to proof read it and saw a few errors. Must still be little dehydrated.

Vickie said...

Hey, Having a farm sounds like fun okay, I'm only talking about watching the animals. Not the taking care of everything. lol You can have errors we all have them from time to time. Remember you can go back and edit it after it's already been submitted. If you need I can give you a lesson on that. I finally finished one hat, the adult, and it was huge and I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong. I had bought a Learn to Crochet book a few months ago and didn't understand a lot in it until I started taking this class. I went through it and found I had done the stitches wrong. So I made another with the right stitches and now it fits. I still have to finish the two children's hats yet. Been slacking the past couple of days. Shame Shame! As soon as I get all the hats done I'll take a pictue. I love taking pictures when I pull out the camera I hear at least one of the kids are a picture holic. They just don't understand that most of my family lives so far away and it's an easy way to keep them posted on us. And yeah I'm a picture holic! lol I better scoot and get this child ready for bed.

Mel said...

Well, as for the huge hat, there has to be someone out there with a big head... Vick, what program do you save your pictures to for downloading onto your blog?